July 12th, 2017

4 years in a ROW! Best of Treasure Valley

Bodovino would like to extend a HUGE Thank you to you, our wine loving patrons, for voting us BEST WINE LIST for the 4th straight year!  We are grateful beyond words that you continue to love and vote for us.  We take our jobs to heart – bringing YOU the best wines we possibly can every day!

Make sure to visit us at both locations, in BoDo and The Village at Meridian.  We have a total of 200 wines on tap every day for you to try!  And a new spectacular Small Plate menu we know you will enjoy.  At the Village, try our new craft cocktail menu while you people watch at fountain square!

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December 18th, 2016

Bodovino is hosting Painting Circle!

Several Sundays in January still have availability!

Sign up here to participate:


December 4th, 2016
May 29th, 2015

Mythbusters: Wine Edition

In the huge, complicated world of wine, it’s very easy to stumble upon misunderstandings and misinformation. These are some of the myths we hear frequently at Bodovino:

MYTH: “Red wine headaches” are caused from sulfites, therefore sulfites are bad for you.

A: Sulfites (Sulphur Dioxide, SO2) are chemical compositions formed from the element Sulphur. SO2 is used in wine as a preservative, added after fermentation for stabilization purposes, killing unwanted bacteria and yeasts. Sulphur is a natural byproduct of the winemaking process, therefore all wines will have trace amounts of sulfites. Finding a wine with no added sulfites is difficult because of SO2’s antioxidant and antibacterial properties– an effect that’s attractive to winemakers. In addition, the reduction of SO2 in wine also reduces the shelf life of the wine.
That being said, here are some common food and beverages with their sulfite PPM (parts per million):
Organic wine: 10-30ppm
Wine: 50-350ppm

In addition, our bodies produce roughly 1,000mg of sulfites per day.
9.9/10 times, sulfites are not the cause of dreaded “red wine headaches.” These headaches are primarily caused by dehydration and/or from the tannins in red wine. It is estimates that <1% of the population suffer from sulfite sensitivity MYTH: Organic wines are better for you than non-organic wines. A: “Organic” is a legally defined term, both in the agriculture world and in the wine world. There are a few different legal terms to take note of: “100% organic” means that the grapes are grown organically, and there are no added sulfites. Take note, however that “no added sulfites” only means that sulfites were not added to the wine by winemakers; wine will always have some trace of sulfites since it’s a natural byproduct. “Made with organic grapes” means that the grapes were grown organically. Sulfites are allowed to be added during the winemaking process. In Europe, wines that are classified as organic may have added sulfites due to the differences in the EU’s winemaking laws. Organic wines have not been proven to be “better” than non-organic ones. In blind taste tests, it is impossible to determine what is organic and what isn’t. MYTH: Wine “legs” or “tears” signify the quality of a wine. A:Wine “legs” or “tears” are the droplets of wine that form on the inside of a wine glass. It is a commonly held belief that the longer and wider the droplets, the higher the quality of the wine, but in fact, wine legs are just a physical indication of wines that have a higher alcohol/higher sugar content. The legs are an example of the Gibbs-Marangoni Effect, which is the result of fluid surface tension caused by the alcohol evaporating. MYTH: the more expensive the wine, the better the quality. A: It’s a common phrase: “you get what you pay for.” This can be correct with certain things like tattoos, electronics, and cashmere sweaters. With wine, however, that’s not always the case. With some wines, you’re paying for the “name” of the wine. It’s the same scenario with many wines that make the “most expensive” lists or wines endorsed by celebrities of the wine world. Not all expensive wines are gimmicks though. Several of our favourites, including Mollydooker’s “Carnival of Love” and Justin “Isosceles,” have a higher price point but also boast incredible quality. Most of our absolute favourite wines at Bodovino fall in the $10-30 price point. With wine, everyone will have different palates and preferences—there is no “one size fits all” wine. MYTH: Sweet wines are for amateurs and young drinkers. A: Not the case! Many sweet wines like sauternes, trockenbeerenauslese, and ice wines are favourites among oenophiles for their bold flavours and complexities. Many lighter sweet leaning whites like Moscato and Riesling get a bad reputation as being wines for uneducated drinkers. In reality, they may not be complex wines, but they sure are easy to drink and there’s nothing wrong with wine that’s easy to sip! (sources:Wine Folly, Society of Wine Educators)

May 22nd, 2015

Bodo Summer Passport Program

We’re happy to finally introduce the 2015 Bodo Summer Passport Program! For months, Bodovino and eighteen other merchants in the Bodo area have been working together to create an event for YOU, our loyal customers. “What exactly is the passport?” you may be asking yourself. Well, here’s the skinny:

WHAT: The Bodo Passport is a physical passport that you can pick up at Caffe D’Arte or Bodovino (both located on the corner of 8th and Broad) anytime during business hours. Each merchant has a deal specific to their store for you to redeem! Once you redeem a deal at a store, you’ll get a stamp on that page. Once you fill up the entire passport, turn it in to Bodovino or Caffe D’Arte for validation and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win one of twenty different prizes! The first passport is FREE!

WHEN: May 15th-August 15th. Passports must be turned in by 11:59PM on 8/15. Winners will be notified shortly thereafter.

WHERE: There are nineteen different merchants involved including: Bodovino, Lit & Co. Candles, White House/Black Market, Protos, Bonefish Grill, Caffe D’Arte and more! Passports can be picked up and validated at either Bodovino or Caffe D’Arte.

For questions, call Bodovino at 208-336-8466!


April 25th, 2014

Reasons To Love Boise

Check out this blog and interview with more reasons to love Boise .



Northwest Meetings and Events Magazine

Bodovino is proud to be featured in Northwest Meeting and Events Magazine.

They said”One of Idaho’s newest wine experiences is located right in downtown Boise at Bodovino, home of the largest collection of WineEmotion machines in the U.S., a unique system for selling and preserving wine by the bottle. Enjoy a self-guided wine-tasting tour of Bodovino’s 144 bottles of wine on tap, which range in price from $10 to $200 and are grouped by Old World, Regional/Domestic, New World, High End and Seasonal. Up to 36 guests can wine down in Bodovino’s private event space. They may even want to take home a special bottle to help reminisce about their time spent in beautiful Boise.”

To read the full article click here: