Upcoming Events


01/01-12/31 Singles Night @ Bodovino every Wednesday

Singles Night @ Bodovino every Wednesday

Look forward to that middle of the week and some wine with new friends at Bodovino in Downtown every Wednesday.  Join other singles to enjoy 144 different ice-breakers/conversation pieces (wines) on tap.

4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

01/01-12/31 Painting Circle Sundays at Bodovino Downtown!

Painting Circle Sundays at Bodovino Downtown!

We have teamed up with Painting Circle to bring a little extra fun to your Sunday nights at Bodovino in Downtown. “Painting Circle partners with fun local artists to teach a 2-hour painting class for an evening of creative fun, drinks and laughter! Come and join us in delivering happiness! Sign up for one of our paint event and have a blast.”  Check the Painting Circle website for class dates and times or to purchase your tickets.





4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

01/01-12/31 “Wine and Chill” Dance Nights on Mondays at Bodovino Downtown

"Wine and Chill" Dance Nights on Mondays at Bodovino Downtown

Join us and the Boise Community Dance Culture on Monday nights to dance the night away with fellow wine and dance enthusiasts.

Drink wine and enjoy snuggle dances
Open to the public to watch or join
$5 cover

We’ll be rotating quick lessons between Blues, Tango, Zouk and Bachata!

EVERY Monday!

Experienced dancers: Enjoy a relaxing location for consistent social dancing! Come early to get your dance fix and cuddles then charge off to conquer the rest of your week!

If you are new to dance, come meet the dance family and watch for a while, take some lessons or ask to get plugged in to what styles your interested in.  All skill levels are welcome.


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

01/01-12/31 Plant Nite on Tuesdays at Bodovino Downtown!

Plant Nite on Tuesdays at Bodovino Downtown!

“Enter Plant Nite: Awesome social, often rowdy, and sometimes wine-fueled terrarium-making events at the most popular bars in your neighborhood. You’ll hang out, you’ll drink, but you’ll also get your hands dirty, because we put succulents, sand, and tiny dinos (yup) in the mix to give you an even better reason to leave the house.”

Join us at Bodovino on Tuesdays to show off your green thumb!

Check the Plant Nite website for upcoming events at to purchase your tickets.