Ruth Lewandowski "Boaz"

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Description:   Although Carignan isn't the most widely known of wine grapes, it happens to be one of the most widely planted throughout Mediterranean Europe. Regions like Priorat in Spain and the Languedoc-Rousillon of France are home to oceans of Carignan (or Cariñena, depending), however, the grape is typically utilized as a blending variety and rarely seen bottled as a single varietal. Balance is crucial with Carignan and is difficult to come by. Age of vines is a critical factor, due the young vines' tendency to set a very large crop. Depth, concentration and intrigue come along only after years and years in the ground. Characteristically higher acidity, rustic, somewhat chunky tannin and general burliness can be difficult to tame. So I went down the road of fermenting the beautiful Testa fruit whole cluster, ie, no destemming. This lends a brighter, higher-toned aromatic profile, a mellowing of acidity and an all-around more delicate side to what might otherwise be a very muscular wine. Don't allow me to misrepresent the IS a big wine. Concentrated, with intense structure, it's just very well balanced by fresh acidity, florality and bright berry tones. It's a manly wine that's comfortably in touch with its feminine side.

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