Baileyana "Firepeak Vineyard"

Vintage: -

Description:   "GFC" stands for Grand Firepeak Cuvee. And our "GFC" Pinot Noir stands for the best Pinot Noir our winemaker, Christian Roguenant, has to offer. A potential blend of the five clones from our Firepeak Vineyard, the structure is a bit different each vintage. Afforded one of the coolest growing seasons in California, the vineyard is only a few miles inland from the great Pacific. Taking advantage of the unique east-west valley from the Morro Bay, warm summer days are cooled by fog and coastal breezes, allowing the fruit to leisurely ripen on the vine. The mature fruit brings even, full ripeness each vintage, along with balanced acid and sugar levels, helping in Christian's effort to make the best Pinot Noir possible.

Sommelier Notes:  

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