Efeste "Big Papa"

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Description:   At Efeste we believe that great wines are based of two simple principles: terroir and a minimal winemaking approach. We utilize native fermentation, which encourages more complexity and produces fuller, richer wines than those inoculated with commercial yeast. The natural yeast within the grapes creates flavors unique to each particular vineyard. In art, beauty is inherent in the unique imperfections we find; it is found similarly in nature. The dissonance resulting from this natural process gives each wine a distinct charm. We encourage character; great wines should have personality. Efeste, pronounced F-S-T, iis an acronym for the winery's three founders: Daniel Ferrelli, Patrick Smith, and Kevin Taylor. The three met through a combination of business and family connections; all shared a passion for finely crafted wine and the art of vinification. The idea for Efeste emerged one night over a shared dinner and discussion of making a family label based on the simple philosophy of not taking yourself too seriously, and enjoying friends, family, and anyone else that would join you in a glass of wine, a meal, and a good laugh. What began as a small project quickly transformed into a full-scale production facility. Winemaker Brennon Leighton, a UC Davis graduate with years of Washington winemaking experience, was brought on board to oversee production. Efeste became a melting pot of ideas, ambition, and talent. Today Efeste offers a premium selection of wines we are proud to call our own. And we still take the time to gather with friends and family over a meal and a bottle of wine.

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