Buil & Giné "Giné & Giné"

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Description:   In the Winter of 1996 the Buil & Giné family decided to return to wine elaboration in the Priorat region. Our family has been recently active in the food retail business and, before that, both our grand and great-grand parents had been wine makers and merchants. Bringing this tradition back to life, the present generation is dedicated to growing grapes and producing wine in each of the two areas of `Denominacions d'Origen' of the region,Priorat and Tarragona-Falset. This dream started to materialize during the Spring of 1998 when we introduced our first wine, Giné Giné 1997. The wine name consists of our grandfather two last names; he was a wine grower and was twice elected President of the Cooperativa Agrícola Falsetenca.

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