Domaine Tempier "La Tourtine" Bandol

Vintage: 2011

Description:   Domaine Tempier is made up of a patchwork of vineyards, the main ones being La Migoua in Le Beausset-Vieux and La Tourtine and Cabassaou in Le Castellet, as well as the house in Le Plan du Castellet. The house is the soul both of the Domaine, whose tall cypress trees sway above the surrounding vineyards like the masts of a ship, and of the Peyraud family itself. Lucien Peyraud, the 'high priest of Mourvedre' ran Domaine Tempier from 1941 to 1982. He was succeeded by his two sons, François and Jean-Marie, followed by Daniel Ravier, who manages the estate today. The Mourvedre grape, that was destroyed by the Phylloxera epidemic, has regained its importance in winemaking through the endeavours of Mediterranean winegrowers and the impetus of Lucien Peyraud in particular. Not very widely grown, Mourvedre thrives on the Bandol terroir of rocky landscapes and hundred-year-old terraces. The region enjoys gets 3,000 hours of sunshine a year which particularly suits the somewhat temperamental Mourvedre variety that is known for being slow and difficult to ripen. Mourvedre has a low yield, producing small blue-tinged grapes with juicy flesh and a concentrated flavour which give character to the AOC reds. It is combined with Grenache to give the wine body and fruit, and with Cinsault which provides refinement and balance. The dark-coloured Mourvedre gives the Bandol red wines their structure and elegance as well as their capacity to age well.

Sommelier Notes:  

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