Coiled "Sidewinder"

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Description:   Leslie Preston, owner and winemaker, has led an amazing life that the average person never experiences. If only we all could have a part of the life she has led, we'd feel fulfilled. She traveled a winding path, which started in France as an exchange student. Having lived in several regions, she discovered wine, friends, and the simple life. Eventually, she found her way back to the U.S. and taught French literature at U.C. Davis. U.C. Davis opened up another path she never expected to pursue, winemaking. She knew there was more and she fell in love with everything in the wine world. She studied, learned, and absorbed so much she knew she would continue down this path. A husband and two children later, her heart still belongs to producing excellent wine. Her wines are intense, full-bodied, and amazing. The grapes are grown in Idaho in the richest soils producing a product that you can only judge as outstanding.

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