Lozano "Rojo Mojo"

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Description:   La Mancha is Spain's largest denomination of origin and the world's largest wine producing area. Despite low yields La Mancha is known as ideal vineyard country due to the quality of the fruit, the ripening cycle, long sun drenched days and the health of the vines. Although this is a large area, the flat geography and the soil is remarkably consistent – red-brown sandy clay, poor in organic content and rich in limestone and chalk. Limestone outcroppings are frequent and must be broken up to allow the roots of the vines to prosper. La Mancha's plains, sitting at an average of some 2,100 feet have an archetypal continental climate: Icy winters give way to torrid summers. Summer temperatures often exceed 110°, while the winter thermometer will see temperatures as low as 10º.

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