Result of a Crush

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Description:   The Result of a Crush is the new Walla Walla winery that was founded by Gale and Mike's daughters, Amanda Reynvaan and Angela Reynvaan Garratt. The Reynvaan sisters wanted to produce a wine that was affordable, yet distinctive like the wines from their family's winery. Enters their brother as consulting winemaker, Matt Reynvaan. Their ultimate goal was quality, but with a bit of whimsy. In the Reynvaan sibling's research they discovered there were a limited number of wines on the shelves that had all three components they were looking for in a wine: high-end quality, whimsical presence, and still affordable. As mother's, Amanda and Angela wanted wines they could bring with to special occasions such as bridal parties and baby showers. Their goal for Result of a Crush was for wine lovers to recognize quality, yet affordability in their playful packaging.

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